Welcome to robitzsch.org

It's back.


After a few hours of work (and setting up this server), I am glad to announce that the Space Shooter is back. It will receive several updates over the next weeks and months.

Mainly this will serve to add more functions that I didn't port over yet. But I also had more ideas that I would like to add to the game.

Welcome back.


Good news, everyone. After a short transfer time, this website is back online. Same provider, but a new setup and a different, a bit larger package.

I'm looking forward to what I can do with this new setup. Come back soon for an update.

Space Shooter


With a lot of good news comes bad news, too. The version that I set up previously can only be played with a proprietary framework that is no longer being updated.

I will port what I have to WebGL, but this will take a bit of time. I'll keep you posted.