In January 2004, Seiko-Center was established as a fan-site for a video game named "Earth Á Beyond" by Westwood. Unfortunately, EA bought and disbanded Westwood, closing the server in September of 2004.

In light of that, the website was repurposed in the same month to plan events and hosting a few hardware reviews. The event planning was not the most successful, especially since a good part of our equipment was stolen and insurance didn't cover a sufficient amount to continue. After February of 2005, the website was turned into a permanent "under construction" page.

In June of 2013, I turned the website into a private site, to display a few games and to link to some other game pages.

In October of 2015, I decided to create this site with my own name, and Seiko-Center was made to point here.


In October of 2015, I have been moved between projects in arvato, Bertelsmann. As such, I was able to have a bit of free time.